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Frequently Asked Questions  FAQ’s

Q: Are the cases available in any other type of wood?

A: No the only cases I stock are Walnut. The case builder prefers to use Walnut wood for its forgiveness to different environments against warping & cracking.


Q: Are the cases solid wood or laminated wood?

A: The cases are “Strip” laminated (not layered), and not solid wood. The case builder tells me that solid wood would warp, crack, and we would have unhappy customers.


Q: Do you build the cases yourself?

A: I truly wish I was a good enough craftsman to build this quality of a case, but no I do not build them. I have them built to my specifications from a wood worker in North Central Indiana (Amish Country).


Q: Can I get a case with a lock?

A: No sorry we don’t carry them that way. Being a presentation case, made from wood, I really don’t see how the lock would really keep anyone from getting to your prized pistol.


Q: I have a slight scratch in my case, what can I do?

A: Use a product called “Old English Scratch Cover for Dark Wood” with a soft cloth. You will be surprised how well this works. For deeper scratches you can use a very fine 3M “Scotch Bright” pad with the Old English, and then reapply the Old English with a soft cloth.


Q: I don’t see it on your website, but do you carry a case to fit???????

A: With over 30 case templates to choose from there is a good chance that I will have a case that fits your pistol to some degree. We have accomplished this many times. To test fit the pistol, I need a tracing of the pistol.  If you could make a tracing of the pistol on a file folder using a pencil (straight up & down) and go around the outer edge of the pistol, I could test fit the tracing in the cases.
Mail the tracing to:
Mike McKinney
891 Jane Avenue
Chesterton, IN 46304


Q: Do you have any French fit cases?

A: No, only the English fit with the divider, rather than the French fit “Cut out” of the pistol.


Q: Can I have a logo etched on the lid of the case?

A: I do not keep any cases with logos, due to possible copyright infringements. Sorry.


Q: Do you have the cases with a different color interior felt?

A: I don’t stock any other color but the red, but if someone has the time (around 4 weeks or so), I could place a “Special” order for a case with Green, or Blue/Purple felt. There would be a 20% increase to the cost of the case for the “Special” order.


Q: Do you have a case where the gun faces the other direction?

A: I don’t stock any cases except for the 1911 with more than one direction, But much like the interior felt color, if someone has the time (around 4 weeks or so), I could place a “Special” order for a case with the pistol facing the other direction. There would be a 20% increase to the cost of the case for the “Special” order.


Q: Do you sell any accessories for the cases?

A: I do carry Colt & S&W keychain type screwdrivers, 1911 style barrel wrenches, magazine loaders, and ammo blocks for SAA cases. Part of the fun I have with my own pistols is accessorizing my presentation cases. I usually add a patch (iron on, or glue on) to the felt that opens with the lid, and try to keep some specialty ammo (Black Talon, Critical Defense, etc.) in the open area of the English fit, along with spare mags, mag or speed loaders, and cleaning equipment.

Q: Do you use the cases yourself?

A: I currently have over 125 pistols in my collection, and 80% of them are in these cases. I was a customer of the case builder, before I became a case designer and distributor.


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